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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A true matriarch of the Gibbs family - Anne Barnett Gibbs

Anne Barnett Johnson Gibbs 1740–1831

Birth 30 NOV 1740 • Orange County, Virginia Colony,  Death 23 MAY 1831 • Union, Union, South Carolina, US
Wife of Col James Gibbs (see Blog HERE), mother of Hiram Gibbs.

She was my fourth great grandmother on my father George Rogers' tree.
I'm posting this the day before her birthday, because another ancestor was also born on Nov.30.

When Anne Barnett was born on November 30, 1740, in Orange, Virginia, her mother, Marran Frances Gibbs Barnett, was age 36, and her father John Barnett was age 35. Her father passed away on May 15, 1750, in Orange, Virginia, at the age of 45, when Anne was just 9 years old.  Her mother lived until she was 78, dying when Anne was 42 (but Anne herself lived to be 90.)

Anne Barnett married William Johnson in Orange, Virginia, on February 10, 1770, when she was 29 years old. Her husband William Johnson passed away in 1770 at the age of 68.

Anne Barnett Johnson Gibbs married Col. James Gibbs in Orange, Virginia, on July 8, 1771, when she was 30 years old and he was 31.  I haven't checked to see how they might have already been second cousins, because her mother was a Gibbs.  There were many Barnetts and Gibbs who married, so I'd say at best guess that she and Col. James Gibbs were second cousins, maybe in two ways...they had a lot of great grandparents in common!

They had seven children together.
Her husband Col. James Gibbs died on August 7, 1794, in South Carolina at the age of 54, having fought in the American Revolutionary War. They had been married 23 years. She died on May 23, 1831, in Union, South Carolina, at the impressive age of 90.

Their graves are in The Gibbs Cemetery, Union County South Carolina.

Their son, Hiram Gibbs emigrated to Miss.
His children went further west to Louisiana and Texas, and several of them married into my Rogers family tree.

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