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Monday, November 20, 2017

Why three trees?

George Elmore Rogers, Jr.
One of my family trees (which has about 1500 members on it already) is named after my father.

I've posted before, on his 100th (Here) and his 99th (HERE) birthdays.  I won't go through all that personal sharing again.  But please feel free to check back to my posts.

The George Rogers tree that will be cited on this blog will look along the ancestors who are on the Rogers side going back from my grandfather George Rogers, Sr.  And it will include the wives of these ancestors, of course, as well as many sisters, brothers, and cousins.

The ship James brought some of my ancestors to America

But I diverged from the Rogers tree and made a separate one for my grandmother Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers.  I'm glad I did, because she has about as many ancestors on her parents tree as my grandfather Rogers.

Modern day Liverpool, England

The third tree in this series is based upon my mother's ancestors, named after my great grandmother Eugenia Booth.  But since I'm the primary member of that tree (which has about 1000 names on it) it also includes my mother's father's family, the Webbs.  And the Miller girls, of which my mother's mother was one of 4.  There are a lot of living cousins that aren't being mentioned here, any more than they are on Ancestry's trees.

Another 16th Century ship

I try to provide some personal insights to entertain with each post.  Sometimes all I have are some dates and places.  But sometimes there's more than one post can handle.  We'll try to keep it manageable!

Today's Quote (I like having this sharing of ideas at the end of a post, kind of well wishes for a reader.)

Both emotional and physical pain are messages that we need to stop and pay attention.

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