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Saturday, September 22, 2018

More of Abigail Judson Curtiss' siblings

Let's explore the life of Abigail's sister, Hannah Judson Wadsworth (1657-1732). She married Lt. Samuel Wadsworth (1659-1731) in 1689 and had her first child that year when she was 31. They only have 3 children who lived to adulthood.  They lived in Farmington, CT (near Hartford.)  Hannah is buried in Momento Mori Cemetery in Farmington CT.

Next sister of Abigail's was Esther Judson Curtis, born in 1660, who married Benjamin Curtis in 1680/1.  Benjamin was born in 1652 and died in 1733.  They had 3 or 4 children, (depending upon which Ancestry tree you look at,) and when Esther died in 1713, she was buried in the Old Congregational Burying Ground in Stratford.  Benjamin remarried the next year.  I have not yet been able to see the connection between Benjamin and Abigail's husband, Josiah Curtiss (1662-1745), since they had different parents. But families in the same community with the same name mean they probably are cousins of some level at least.

The next birth that Abigail's mother had was twins.  In Oct. of 1664, probably on the 27...Joshua Judson and Ruth Judson Wells were born.  Joshua has little information given about him, except that he may have married in 1695 to a Deborah Clark.  The Ancestry trees say he lived until 1744, dying in Young, Texas.  It is always possible, but since I love Texas history, I wish I knew how he fitted into it.  At what time might he have gone all the way from Connecticut to Texas?  No answers at this point.

His twin sister Ruth Judson Wells, married Samuel Wells (Welles) (1662-1733). They had 2 daughters and perhaps other children which aren't recorded through Ancestry.  Ruth died in 1744 and is buried in Center Cemetery in East Hartford, CT.

Her marker says:
Here was Buried ye Body of Mrs Ruth Wells the widow of Mr Samuel Wells Dec. who Died May ye 2d 1744 in the 80th Year of her age.

There was a Capt. Samuel Wells who lived and died just a few years differently than our Samuel, and his wife was also a Ruth Wells.  However, they are buried in Glastonbury cemetery, Hartford County, CT.

I just looked to see if this Samuel Wells (husband of Ruth Judson) was related to Rebecca Wells Judson (who married Capt. James Judson.)  It looks like they were brother and sister.  There may need to be some clarification still.

RebeccWell Judson's fine-a-grave site says:

From the Book "Descendants of William Judson of Connecticut" compiled by Linda-Jeanne Dolby:
Daughter of Thomas Welles and Widow Hannah Tuttle Pantry. She was from Hartford, CT and was the granddaughter of Governor Thomas Welles of Connecticut.
She married James on August 18, 1680 and bore 9 children; 4 sons and 5 daughters.
Her Stone reads: "Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Rebekah Judson Who Dyed Nov. ye 5th, 1717 Aged 62 years."

I just updated my post about Rebecca Wells Judson and her husband James Judson.  New information says they have 9 not 7 children.

And the last sibling before Abigail was Phebe Judson. She was born on 29 Oct 1666, and only lived until 1 Nov. 1676.  Her ten years of life were in Stratford, Fairfield CT.

So I'm satisfied at exploring the big family Judson, for now.

Friday, September 21, 2018

More of my family

A happy birthday for my father's older brother,  Chauncey Sweet Rogers, born Sept 21, 1912, died 15 Dec, 1974.  I knew him but a little.

Feb. 1937 hunting expedition in the wilds of Texas.  Sitting in front is my Uncle Jimmy, kneeling behind him is my grandmother Ada Phillips Swasey Rogers (Gummy) and standing from left to right, Mataley Munhall (soon to marry my father who probably took the photo) then George Rogers Sr. (Poppy) and on r. is Chauncey Rogers.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The rest of the story on Abigail Judson Curtiss

Sept. 15 may have been her birthday in 1669 in Fairfield County, CT.  She was the 11th and last child of Sarah Porter Judson (1624-1697 and Lt. Joseph Judson (1619-1690.)  Both her parents were born in England, and immigrated to the American colonies in the 1630's.  They married either in 1640 or 1644 (two records give different years.)

Abigail's oldest sister, Sarah Judson Howell (1645-1688) had married Edmund Howell of Southampton Long Island in 1764, so she wasn't even around when Abigail was born.

Judson house and Stratford Historical Society museum

John Robson Judson, her oldest brother, has an interesting history.  His birthday is Dec 10, 1647, and he married 3 times.

His first wife was Elizabeth Chapman (1651-1696), married in 1673. They had 9 children.  He remarried Hannah Hawkins Nichols Ward Judson (- 1698) in 1698, who died within the year.  His third wife was Mary Tudor Orton Judson (1660-1743) (married in 1699) and they had additional 3 children.  There is a microfilm copy of a probated document for his children and wife, Mary.  His older 2 sons, John and Joseph had already received their portions of his estate.  The remaining children when he died on 10 April 1710 are listed as: Jonathan, Martha, Elisabeth, Isaac, Daniel, Jeremiah, Mary and Ephraim. (Some of his children predeceased him.) There are many pages reflecting the inventory of his estate.

But the fun thing about genealogy just happened. At the same link to microfilms of wills and probate records, in Fairfield CT  is his father, Lt. Joseph Judson's (1619-1690) probate record as well.   He was also Abigail's father, Joseph, who died in 1690.  I think it's not John's son Joseph (1689-1758).

That his will was written in 1679 is still possible for someone who died in 1690.  But I haven't looked into it yet.  Another thing on the back burner of genealogy!  There could have been some other Joseph with a wife Mary, but I don't know of him yet.  Maybe I'll figure it out soon.

'Ive been spending most of my time the last few days looking on my Booth family tree, where the Judsons had come to America, and had 11 children, the youngest being Abigail, my eight times great grandmother.

So here are a few more of that family...

Capt. James Judson lived from 24 Apr 1650 to 25 Feb 1721 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT.  He married first to Rebecca Wells, and they had 7 children.  (Note, this is the list of children on Ancestry at this time, but there's mention of 9 children in a biography quoted below.)

When Rebecca died in 1717, he married in 1718 to Mrs. Anne Steele, probably of Stratford or Wethersfield, CT. It's interesting to see how he (and his brother John) both remarried late in life.

On the Find-A-Grave site is a quote...
Biography taken from "Descendants of William Judson of Connecticut" Compiled by Linda-Jeanne Dolby:
"James born to Joseph Judson and his wife - Sarah Porter on April 24, 1650. He died on February 25, 1721. His Stone reads: "Here lyes the body of Capt. James Judson, Esquire who dyed Feby ye 25th, 1721 Aged 71 years."
He was a large land owner and farmer and one of the most important men in the civil and military life of Stratford. A Representative to the Greneral Assembly of Connecticut from 1698 to 1719, 30 sessions in all. Ensign of the Train-Band; Lt. of Dragoon 1690; on committee for the War of 1704 and 1705, committee to procure masts for the British fleet.
He was married to Rebecca Welles (1st wife). He fathered 9 children, 4 sons and 5 daughters. His 2nd wife was Anne Welles. They had no known children."

Next born was Grace Judson Prudden Clark, born 19 Feb, 1651 in Stratford CT. She died Jan 1724 in Milford, New Haven County, CT.  She married Rev. Samuel Prudden first in 1669, and they had 5 children, according to Ancestry.  He died in 1685 and at some point she married Sgt. Thomas Clark (1637-1719) in 1703/4.

Joseph Judson was born 10 Mar 1653 in Stratford, and died 1 Feb. 1677.  He didn't marry or have children. And since he died before the date of the will of 1679, it would not have been possibly his.

More on the siblings of Abigail Judson Curtiss soon.

(Note, updated later on Sept. 20, 2018.)

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ada Pulsifer Phillips Sweet

The third ancestor born Sept 15...

Ada Pulsifer Phillips Sweet was my great aunt on my Rogers family tree (1860-1932) sister of my great grandmother Zulieka Swasey.  I've posted a little about her life HERE, including photos.  I covered her husband's Chauncey G. Sweet's life in 4 chapters, One, Two, Three and (Four mainly about the Rosenbergs.)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Abigail Judson Curtiss

Happy birthday to...two other ancestors with Sept. 15 for their birthdays.  I know that's not until tomorrow, and I've been busy what with a hurricane (Florence) coming my direction...but I'm going to put my ancestry cap on and give you a bit more information.

Abigail Judson Curtiss was my 8 times great grandmother (1669-1697) on my Booth Family Tree.)  I've mentioned her before in a post HERE about her daughter Anna Curtiss Booth.  Abigail was the granddaughter of William Judson, who immigrated to America and built the foundation of the home which is still standing in Stratford, Fairfield County, CT.

Judson House
Capt. David Judson built a Georgian-style house in Stratford around 1750 (or as early as 1723), on the foundation of his great-grandfather William‘s stone house of 1639. Nine generations of the family lived in the house until 1888 .  The Judson House, which is now a museum, is known for its particularly fine broken scroll pediment door surround.

William Judson, (her grandfather) has historic documents about how he was one of the founders of Stratford, CT, but then moved to New Haven where he was part owner of an iron mine.

I will give more information soon about Abigail.

And tomorrow I'll write more about the other Sept. 15 born ancestor...

Thursday, September 13, 2018

John Curtis (Curtyce)

3 ancestors born on the same day.

It's probable that this happens a lot, but I'm just not aware of it.  After all, I have thousands (millions?) of ancestors.  But I only know birthdays of a few hundred probably.  Well, maybe a thousand.  I have never counted.

The 15 of September, 1577, John Curtis (Curtyce) was born in Nanzing, Essex, England.  He would become my 10 times great grandfather.  He also was one of the brave men and women who came to America around 1630.

"The son of WILLIAM & AGNES CURTIS of Nazing, England, he was baptized in Nazing on September 15, 1577. JOHN married Elizabeth Hutchins on April 19, 1610 in Nazing, England. (The author on Find a grave said -I am descended from his son, JOHN CURTISS, Jr..)

"History of Ancient Woodbury, by William Cothren, Baltimore: Gen. Publishing Co., Inc., 1977, p.531

"William (John's brother) Curtiss embarked on the ship, Lion, June 22, 1632 and landed Dec. 16, 1632, at Scituate, Mass. He removed with his family to Roxbury, Mass., whence they removed to Stratford, Conn. By the records of Stratford it apears that the father of these must have died before the removal of the family thither.."

Source: Quoted from Find A Grave site, Old Burying Ground, Stratford, Fairfield, CT.

Not to forget, Mozelle Munhall

I've been pretty busy, and didn't post a birthday remembrance for my grandmother "Grandmommy."

Mozelle Booth Miller Webb Munhall, Sept 9, 1897 - 1960.  She married first Albert Webb (1891-1919) on Aug. 7, 1915.

She gave birth to her only child, my mother, Mataley, on March 26, 1917.  I've posted about her life before HERE  and (Here).  She married second to Fred Munhall (1890-1927).  She died Sept. 2, 1960, just a few months after giving me a gold locket for my graduation present from high school.

She made beautiful clothes of which I remember not being as appreciative at the time as I am now!

She was often making gowns for the young women of San Antonio TX.  I remember some of the gorgeous fabric.  She created some of the gowns worn in the Battle of the Flowers, an annual event in San Antonio.