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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Spencer Clack's siblings' families

Lt. Spencer Clack has been given a lot of my blog time...Try these subjects if you want some background:
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Today I will be looking at his younger siblings, since he was the first son born into the John Clack family. I already gave you a post on  Col. John Clack which mentioned how the children were born in different Virginia counties.  But the dates of their births are pretty wishy washy.

Ann Clack Robinson 1745-1800
Spencer Clack 1746-1832
Martha (Patty) Kennon Clack (between 1748-60) - (around 1793-1818,) unknown if she married Hightower, d. either in NC or GA?
James Clack (1750 or 56) -1834
John Sterling Clack 1758-1798
Richard Clack 1763-1806
Agnes Bolling Clack 1771-1803

I spent a good couple of hours looking at how many Ancestry trees combined Martha Clack (whether she had Patty or Polly as a nick-name or not) and another couple of Marthas who were named in wills.  I thought she might have been the Martha married to Austin (Augustino) Hightower (his second wife.)  It is too bad that his first wife was named Jane Oldham, and someone decided that her name must have been Martha Jane.  I'm going with the guess that there were 2 different women.  But there's no evidence.  And since someone thinks his last 3 children were born to the second wife, our Martha might have only been 13 when she married a man who had 3 children already and was (ahem) 63.  (But her birth date also might be in question, so maybe she was older) So as of now, I'm skeptical of her being THAT Martha, who died in Chatham County, NC in 1793.

The other Martha was definitely Martha Rivers, not Clack, so that whole family isn't related to me.  I may never find out, but Martha Rivers Broadnax did have a daughter who's given a K. as middle initial, which could have stood for Kennon, but the Rivers Martha is the one who was her mom, not my Martha Clack (whose mom had been a Kennon.)

And now let's hope the rest of the siblings have easy to follow notes on their lives.

Ann Clack Robinson, born to Col. John (1721-1784) and Mary Kennon Clack (1728-1794) on 12 April, 1745.  But her birth could have been as late as 1748.  In Brunswick County, VA...which is where she married Burwell Robinson on 9 Feb 1766.  They had 8 children.  They moved around 1783 to Warren County NC, where one daughter was born, but their last 2 children were born back in VA.   However Ann returned to Warren County NC by the time she died 12 March 1800.  Burwell outlived her  until 1816, and there's a hand written will of his desires, including leaving a ferry and an acre of land at the landing in Warren County NC to his son Clack.

The Robinson's other children were
Elizabeth, Mary Polly, Lucy, John, Nancy Anna Robinson Claiborne, James, and Henry.

I dare say the other daughters also married, but I haven't gone off in that direction to find out.  The Claiborne name is already in my Rogers Family tree, so I'm glad to see that marriage, though not to the other Claibornes that I've got already. Nancy Anna's husband was George Ravenscoft Claiborne, (1782-1833) and I haven't ever heard of him.

More on other siblings tomorrow...

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