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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Getting onto my Rogers Tree from the Whitlows of Virginia

Constantine and Ann Pollard Perkins had a daughter, 

Elizabeth Perkins


Who, according to Constantine's will, married a Mr. Ellis, not Mr. Whitlow.  So she and they weren't my ancestors.

However, there was a wife for Mr. Witlow...and for now she is unknown.  I will look for more documents that have some source 
materials.  There were so many lost in early Virginia!

Mr. Whitlow was...

Henry Othello Whitlow


Birth ABT 1724 Henrico, Virginia

Death 21 JUL 1788 Goochland, Goochland, Virginia

and Mrs. Whitlow had a daughter 

Nancy Ann Whitlow Cannon [see posts HERE and here]


Birth 18 NOV 1747 Goochland County, Virginia

Death 01 JUL 1830 Loudon County, Tennessee

who married:

William Henry Cannon [see post Here]


Birth 28 NOV 1771 Cumberland, Virginia

Death 11 JUN 1868 Sevier, Tennessee

So that couple became closer to my more known ancestors, since they lived and died in Sevier County, TN.

Their daughter Cyntha Cannon, married Micajah Clack Rogers. 

Cyntha CANNON ROGERS [see posts HERE and Here]


Birth 24 AUG 1800 Sevier, Tennessee, United States

Death 24 NOV 1855 Huntsville, Walker, Texas


Micajah Clack ROGERS [see post HERE]


Birth 7 MAY 1795 Sevier, Tennessee, United States

Death 15 FEB 1873 Huntsville, Walker, Texas

and thus the George Rogers line moved west to Texas.  Micajah and Cyntha were my  great times 3 grandparents.

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