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Friday, January 26, 2018

Elizabeth Curtis Ufford 1677–1699

Elizabeth Curtis Ufford

Birth 17 JAN 1677 Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut
Death DEC 1699 Stratford, Fairfield, Conn
wife of Lt. Samuel Ufford, who I shared about just HERE. 
They were my 8th great grandparents on the Booth Family Tree.
Her husband was the recipient of the estate of his uncle, Thomas Ufford Jr, when he died in 1683.  Since they married in 1694, he had plenty of opportunity to use his wealth to provide for her and their family. 
Burial place of both the Uffords. Old Congregational Burying Ground, Stratford, Fairfield Count, Connecticut.
As I mentioned, her parents were -
Joseph Curtis

BIRTH 12 NOV 1650  Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut
 DEATH 1742  Stratford, Fairfield, Conn


Bethia Booth Curtis


BIRTH 18 AUG 1658  Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut
 DEATH 2 AUG 1699  Stratford, Fairfield, Conn.

She had been the oldest of the 11 children of her parents, who were among the leadership of Stratford, CT, her father being the town clerk for fifty years, as well as other offices. Her mother had her last 3 children after Elizabeth had married and had her first child.
Much of the information on the Curtiss family comes from "Genealogy of the Curtiss Family" by Frederic Haines Curtiss, published in 1903 by Rockwell and Churchill Press, Boston. 
So I will cover her father's and her mother's lives soon!

Elizabeth Curtis Ufford had 13 children according to North America, Family Histories 1500-2000, as recorded in "Orcutt's History" (no further notation in the document.)

Their second daughter, Elizabeth Ufford married Josiah Beers.  He was the descendant of another immigrant to New England, Anthony Beers, who I posted about HERE.

This Elizabeth Ufford Beers' daughter Elizabeth Beers married Zachariah Booth.  Was he a descendant of Elizabeth Ufford's mother's Bethia Booth Curtiss family as well?

I'm pretty sure that's a yes, Bethia's parents being Richard Booth and Elizabeth Hawley Booth.  Richard (Elizabeth Ufford's grandfather) Booth is my 9th great grandfather through the Booth line.

Their grandson Zachariah Booth married Elizabeth Curtiss Ufford's great granddaughter...Elizabeth Beers Booth.  Since they all lived in Stratford, CT, there were lots of records.  But these were 4th cousins, or 3rd at least...because they were actually of different generations removed from Richard Booth.  There were other 2nd cousins who married, and third, and fourth, throughout my family tree.

What is most unusual is how many of their children grew to adulthood!  Of  Elizabeth Curtis Ufford's 13 births, there were only 2 who didn't pass their 15th birthday.  Bethia Ufford was born in 1708 and has no known death date. And John was born in 1717 and died in 1721.  There must have been an epidemic for 3 of the family died in 1746.  But also 3 of her own Curtis siblings died in the same year of 1767.

I've also been looking at some of the historic homes in Stratford, CT.  If there's anything New England is known for, is historic homes!  And a few other things of course.

Boothe Home in Boothe park (I'm not sure the connection to the Boothes who used an "e" at the end of the name.
A King's Highway marker in Stratford, the first trail going from town to town.

Edward Curtiss home, the "leaning house" built around 1740, probably its tilt is due to 2 earthquakes (Not sure the relationship to Elizabeth Curtis Ufford)
Nathanial Booth home, post and beam construction. 

I don't know if any of these homes were built by any of my relatives. But some were standing while they walked the paths of Stratford, CT.

And my question is, did my ancestors say their name as "Uf-ford" or as U-ford? Almost Ah-ford?


Mystic Meandering said...

Wow, you've done so much research!!! I did a lot of research years ago (when they didn't have, but not so much now, although I have gone back to my files recently and see where I need to do more research... sigh... Don't really have the motivation, or energy. :) I grew up in Mass. near Lynn, MA, and my ancestry on my mother's side goes back to the Adam's in Chelmsford and beyond (cousins to the President John Adams). My great-grandmother was Minnie Laura Adams, her father Oliver Adams, his father Oliver Adams. Managed to get back to the 1700's to a Samuel Adams, but unfortunately a lot of people named their children Samuel Adams back then and so can't seem to make the right connection. It *is* fascinating. There was a change of name on my father's side, an ancestor added an Mc to the name, with ancestors born in Scotland and Ireland. And - ancestry from Norway as well :) Quite a mix their.

We love to watch a program called Finding Your Roots. And of course watched Who Do You Think You Are, by, when it was on...

Good luck in your continued search!

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for the great comment...and knowing you are an Adams descendant, though probably the other side, being related to the Pres. Yes, there are sure a million Sam Adams.