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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

William Kennon 1713-1759

Col. William Kennon 1713–1759 

Birth 9 OCT 1713 
• Conjurors Neck, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States 
Death 1759 • Chesterfield, Chesterfield, Virginia

My 6 times great grandfather and great-grandfather of Cyntha Cannon Rogers (married to Micajah Clack Rogers).

Col. Wiliam Kennon (Cannon is one spelling as well of the same name) was maybe born in February, I haven't found any records proving or disproving the Oct. 9 date.

He had been born in Conjurers Neck, Chesterfield County, VA to William B. Kennon Sr, (1685-1735) and Anne Eppes Kennon (1691-1766).) They apparently had just 5 sons. William's grandfather had been Col. Richard Kennon Sr, (1650-1696) who built the Conjurers Neck mansion, known as "The Brick House." (I wrote about Col. Richard Kennon Sr. and his home which still stands, earlier in this post.)
The Brick House, Conjurors Neck, VA

William married Elizabeth Lewis in 1744. He enrolled in the militia 3 times in Virginia. He was a member of the House of Burgess of Virginia Colony, 1737-40, beginning at age 24.

William and Elizabeth had 7 children, of whom 4 are known to have fought as Patriots in the Revolutionary War. Elizabeth's father, Col. Charles Lewis actually also served with the 14th Regiment of Virginia, according to a document showing he was "sick in country" in Sept of 1777, at age 80 (he lived to 82.)

Elizabeth lived until 1799, but William didn't live to see the young country's conflict, dying at a young age in 1759. But I question that as his date of death, as Oct. 31, 1759 is the date of his will. A record in Chesterfield County, VA in November, 1767 states that his land in Amelia County was divided Oct. 27, 1767, between his 3 sons (though the will had named 4 sons). (Source: William and Mary Quarterly, 1905, pg. 134.)

His oldest 4 sons did live until the 19th century, but his youngest, Thomas (1756-?) has no known date of death. And he would have only been a child if William died in 1759 or 1767. Incidentally, all but his oldest son were still younger than 21. Elizabeth, his wife, was one of the executors of his will in 1767. I know probate takes a long time, especially if the government is in turmoil. So I don't have anything but questions at this point.

His patriot sons were John (1744-1806), William (1751-1804), Charles Lewis Kennon (1750-1820) and Richard (1752-1804). John changed the spelling of his name to Cannon. (As mentioned earlier, Thomas has no date of death, nor information as to any adult activities)

His daughters were Mary Kennon Harrison (1750-1782), and Elizabeth Howell Kennon Lewis1754-1825.) I don't know if the latter's husband was a cousin of her mother's Lewis family, but it's pretty likely.  

I found many of the Lewis family married their cousins, and that's the way they are described in records of the marriages. But the fun fact did allude me, finding Meriwether Lewis as a's definitely there, but I don't know the connection. He not only is known for being part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, but he was the Governor of the Louisiana Territory before his untimely death in 1809.

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