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Friday, May 18, 2018

Some of the Bowers of Somerset, MA

Somerset was their home and where many of my ancestors lived and died, back in the eighteenth century.

The Bowers family has a cemetery on South St, but there are many unmarked graves.  I'm sure the bones of many of my uncles and aunts and cousins lie there.

A commemorative plaque remembers Jonathan Bowers (1673-1750), and lists 9 children.  There seem to be more that Ancestry trees have, which may be a mistake, or not.  This is the private cemetery, but doesn't seem to be kept up. The address is on South St., Somerset.

Jonathan Bowers Jr.'s home on the left facing the river. Henry Bowers home shows between the masts of the whaling vessel Sullivan.

Jonathan Bowers, Jr. 1708-1775) home (also shown with the whaling ship)

Father Jonathan Bowers (1673-1750) had named an earlier son Jonathan, who died young. They lost several of their children as infants.  Since Father Jonathan (also called Captain) Bowers built the oldest house in Somerset (in 1723) it was part of a commemorative quilt made for the bicentenial (1976, I assume.)

This photo even gives each house's address in Somerset.  Father's home is third down in second to the right column, 616 Main St, built in 1723.

Earliest house built in Somerset, MA, the Jonathan Bowers home.

Henry Bowers' (1716-1790) home in 2009 as it was being renovated, (see photo of whaling ship above where this house is viewed between the masts)  This house was also included on the quilt, (247 Main in the exact center of the quilt)  One person on Ancestry commented:
"Burgess House." Captain John A. Burgess was a later occupant of the house. In addition to the Clipper Ship, the Davy Crocket, he was the master of many clipper ships, including the Governor Morton that was built in Somerset."

An article about the Bowers' homes from the Boston Sunday Herald, Oct. 1905, with some interesting stories (probably the kind of things Boston society pages liked to print.)

Top left to right: David Bowers house, Phillip Bowers house,  Henry Bowers house; second row, Lloyd Bowers house, Benanuel Bowers House, Jerathmiel Bowers House; bottom row, Benjamin Bowers house, Somerset Hotel, formerly a Bowers House.

Well, as you can see, they are not correctly labeled.  Henry Bower's house has a cupola above many windows, and I believe it's the one on the second row attributed to Lloyd (whoever he might be).  The photo attributed wrongly to Henry is the exact same one that we've got for Jonathan Bowers Jr. house posted above.

The google air view shows the Henry Bowers /Burgess home with all its shutters back on again, also a 2009 photo...after the renovation, I'd guess!

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