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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Cannon siblings

Cyntha O. Cannon (1800-1855) married Micajah Clack Rogers (1795-1873.)  She was the eldest of 8 children who all lived to be adults.

Let's discover what her siblings' lives were like.  Here and here were some blogs I've written about her before, focusing mainly on her husband.

I mentioned how grateful I was that some ancestors kept good records in the Rogers Family Bible.  Here's a little information about it from my own research.

The Rogers Family Bible was published in 1848, and begins with going back to Sevier County TN records of Rogers and Clack families. Micajah Rogers is listed as Col. and it covers his 11 children, but not his siblings.  It kept good track of the Rogers and Gibbs births, marriages and deaths from 1848 onwards and was eventually kept in the Gibbs family.

On Sept 14 1848, his son George Washington Rogers married Lucinda Gibbs, in Bienville, LA.  All the George W. and Lucinda Rogers children were born in Bienville, LA.  (But Lucinda at some time came to Huntsville  TX where she died in 1884)

Now looking at the Cannon family, the parents were William Henry Cannon (1771-1868 and Catharine Henderson (1777-1827) both coming from Virginia to Sevier County Tennessee by around 1786.  They married in 1799.

Cyntha at age 19, married Micajah at age 23.  In the Rogers Family Bible, "Cyntha Cannon, Daughter of William and Catharine Cannon, were married at the residence of William Cannon, in Sevier County, Tennessee, February 4th, 1819."

Cyntha's youngest sister was born in 1820, the same year she had her first son, my ancestor, George Washington Rogers.

1) But let's go in chronological order.  The younger sibling born after Cyntha was John Overton Cannon (1803-1848) He was buried in Madisonville, Monroe County, TN.
The City of Madisonville originally began as the town of Tellico, and prior to that a Cherokee village of the same name. The Calhoun Treaty and resulting Hiwassee Purchase of 1819 opened the area for white settlement. Madisonville was founded in the early 1820s as a county seat for Monroe County, which had been formed in 1819. The town was initially known as "Tellico," but its name was changed to "Madisonville" in 1830 in honor of U.S. President James Madison in accordance with a petition from the residents presented by state representative James Madison Greenway.[10] Madisonville was incorporated on May 16, 1850. Wikipedia.
He married Caroline Nelson in Knoxville TN in 1827...Knoxville is about 20 miles from where he was born in Sevierville.  They had two children Guildford (1834-39) and John Jr. (1837-75) and then Caroline died in 1839 and was buried in Madisonville TN.

In 1842 he remarried to Mahala Torbett in Monroe County TN. and they had a son, Willie, in 1845. John died in 1846 leaving Mahala a widow with a 4 year old son and probably a 9 year old step-son John Jr. (1837-1875).

This is how I get diverted...I had to go look at John Jr.'s record to see if he indeed stayed with Mahala after his father's death. His 1850 census record shows he has gone to Constable William Cannon's household (his 32 year old uncle, with his wife 34 year old wife Catharine, and children) in Overton County TN. But wait, Uncle William wasn't married to a Catharine, and in 1850 lived in Sevier County TN.  See, now I have that problem to figure out...but I'm going back to Mahala, whether she had her step son living with her or not!

She was from another south-eastern Tennessee county, Blount County, and died in 1882 in Bradly County.  Their son died before she wrote her will, because she instructs that a monument be errected between their graves on May 28, 1882. She also leaves a sum of money from a trust to her church, the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  And she leaves her brother some furniture, and designates a nephew, Willie Roberts to keep the articles she has already given him. She designates a trust account that will have interest paid annually to her church and the pastor from the sale of her land and property, which she also wants her brother James to be able to cultivate.  I got a bit confused about the orders of rental and sales of the same land.

2) The next brother of Cyntha was Guilford Cannon (1806-1873) who became a doctor.  He married twice, and had 4 children, the last one dying within her first year.  He also was buried in Madisonville, Monroe County, TN.

3) Next child of William and Catharine Cannon was Nancy Cannon (1808-1844), who married Col. Matthew Bogle. They had one son who died at 2 years. Nancy is buried in Blount County, TN.  Her husband was about 17 years older than she was, and died in 1847.  He apparently remarried to a Mary in 1845 after Nancy's death.

4) Cyntha's next sibling was Rebecca Henderson Cannon (1812-1901) who married James Madison Sharp Sr.  He actually outlived her by a few years! In 1900 they were living with their son John, and his family in Sevier County, TN.
John Sharp 52 head
Mary K Sharp 33
William P Sharp 21
Mary R Sharp 19
Bettie L Sharp 17
Johnie Sharp 12
Ruben T Sharp 5
James M Sharp 83
Rebecca H Sharp 88 sister of Cyntha Cannon Rogers

Rebecca and James Sharp had 4-5 children.
** Her obituary is at the end of this post.

5) Next comes Mariah Louisa Bonaparte Cannon Earnest (1814-1851).  She and Joseph Hammer Earnest (1807-1878) had 4 children. She died in Chucky, Greene County, TN and is buried in the Methodist Episcopal church burying ground.

6) Next is younger brother William Henderson Cannon, (1817-1901).  He married twice and had 2 children.  He died in Sevier County, TN.
It appears that William Henderson Cannon was first a U.S. Postmaster in Sevier County, Tennessee, and later for the Confederate States of America.  Because his position was a political appointment, he was not covered under the parole of Confederate soldiers and had to apply individually for a pardon, which was granted by President Andrew Johnson.  The following information is from
His obituary is posted at the bottom of this page...***

7)  Cyntha's youngest sister was Martha Caroline Cannon Ernest, (1820-1847).  Her husband (also called her consort) was Nicholas Washington Earnest (1815-1866). They had 4 children,
  • William (1841-1845) 
  • John Guilford (1842-1932) 
  • Maria R. (1844-) 
  • Rebecca Catherine (1846-1925) 
They were buried in the Ebeneezer Methodist Burying ground in Chucky, Green County, TN.

And how were Mariah's and Martha's husbands named Earnest related?  Well, I checked with Joseph Earnest, and found he remarried twice after Mariah's death in Ann Rebecca Barnett and then Lavinia Smith.  And there it is! He had a brother Nicholas Washington Earnest born in 1815.  There were an even dozen siblings in that family.

** Obituary of Rebecca Cannon Sharp (that is "Mrs. James Sharp Dead" as title)

*** Obituary of William Henderson Cannon 


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