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Friday, June 1, 2018

The laugh's on me, and Ancestry of course

You have heard the phrase ROTFL? It's rolling on the floor laughing.  I only learned a few of these acronyms that are used in texting.
Today I had to roll (virtually) all over the floor, just tickled to the n'th degree.

I was looking at some cousins that were descendents of the Cannon siblings.  I had not checked to see how a McCrosky might connect to the Rogers (which I vaguely remembered) because that family already lived in the Sevier County TN area.  To find the name on a tree with the Cannons wasn't too surprising.

But there were all these other family names also, Houston for one.  First I traced back a few generations, not paying much attention to the Houstons.  I was looking for Rogers, after all.  Then I found a Rev. Houston and his wife Mary McCroskey Houston, who said they were the parents of not only Major. Samuel Houston, but also General Samuel Houston who died in Huntsville Texas.

I happen to know about General Sam because he's buried in the same cemetery as Cyntha Cannon Rogers and Micajah Rogers in Huntsville TX, as well as having been President of the Republic of Texas.  But then I looked a bit closer at his dates.

If those Houstons were his parents, his mother would have been 65 years old.  A good laugh there.

And then there were 2 sons of the same name, one of whom had been born within the mother's normal age to bear children.  So I check out Sam number one, and he was indeed the father of General Sam Houston of Texas fame.

But it got even funnier (or sadder if you wanted to be related to him) in that General Sam's father's parents weren't the same ones I'd started with in the first place.

So I'm tickled...and not worried.  And will start with the McCroskeys of Sevier County and go forward from there...and see if they connect to my Rogers roots that way rather than the other way.

And maybe I'll find out we really are cousins with the General.  Or not...

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