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Monday, May 28, 2018

My oldest son, Marty

Roger Martin, my firstborn, came into the world on this day about 54 years ago.  What a long and wonderful time this has been.

 With George Rogers, in Houston TX around Nov-Dec 1964.  Grandfather was just 50. Marty around 6 mos.

Doug on left, is Marty's father.  Doug's parents are Norm Heym (center) then Marty about 2 years old, then Mary Hillyer Heym, on right. 

Marty cuddles to his grandmother Mataley Rogers holding Marty's new little brother, Russ born Aug 1967

Marty with his Aunt Mary Miller, holding little brother Russ

 While Russ slides banister, Marty talks with cousin Lisa (blond with back to camera).  Aunt Mary is looking at something while her son Zach sits at her feet (wearing blue shirt). Again waiting to go into a restaurant for lunch...this time in San Jacinto, Texas.

That's one picture for each year!

I hope this birthday is great for you, dear son...and that you have many more happy years!  I love you SO MUCH!

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