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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Diving into ancestry history

Remember how I did not want to spend a lot of time on Anne Meriwether Stith Bolling's siblings? At one point there looked to be 10 of them, and yet some might have been adopted from her mother's previous marriage.  And yet someone or another was the ancestor of a William and Mary College president.

So I just thought trailing down the tree would be easy to find someone who wasn't controversial.  And I found Anne Stith Bolling's (1660-1709) brother Lt. Col. Drury Stith Sr. (1670-1741) was ancestor to another line in the Rogers family.  Oh my, many cousins removed they were both my eight times great grandparents!  But there they were.

Following Drury's descendants:
His wife was Susanna Bathurst Stith (though there's some controversy about her maiden name) 1674-1745
their daughter Mary Stith (unbelievable dates given at Ancestry 1701-1801) Oh pishaw...she's considered the daughter of President of William and Mary College. WHICH IS NOT TRUE!

I've got to find out which Stith it really Drury is in consideration, as well as John and William...all probably brothers of Anne!
Rev William Stith 1707-1755

Rev. William Stith was the 3rd president of William and Mary from 1752-1755, who was a historian! So he should know the ancestry of his own family, and hopefully it is also published! YES!
He was "the author of one of the earliest histories of Virginia, The History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia: being an Essay towards a General History of this Colony, published in Williamsburg by William Parks in 1747.[2][3]

He was born in 1707.  Died in office in 1755.  There's no way he would have been a brother of Anne, or Drury Sr. or even father of the centragenarian, Mary, who was supposedly born in 1701.  But maybe I can change that unbelievable birth day with some better resources.

William Stith was "the son of Captain John Stith and Mary Randolph, daughter of William Randolph I.[1][5] Around 1744, he married his first cousin, Judith Randolph, the daughter of Thomas Randolph of Tuckahoe.[1][5] They had three daughters: Judith, Elizabeth, and Mary.[1] Stith was educated at The College of William & Mary and The Queen's College, Oxford."
 Source: Wikepedia with footnotes.

And his daughter Mary,  was born in 1744 died in 1816, so she did not live 100 years, so that is corrected on my ancestry trees now.

There's even a copy of  a William and Mary Quarterly published with 9 pages of the Stith family. Of course it could have been changed, but I think it agrees with most of what the other trees say.  After all, these are the genealogists of this time!

So I've redone my ancestry tree for the Stith to go back over it, and copy the details here!

Did you notice I never told you how the Rogers tree came from the Stiths to my line? I'll keep working on it.

This is how genealogy will suck you into many links, which are fortunately available at my finger tips now, and I don't have to go to research libraries like I used to.

I've learned more about Mary Stith...but will post it tomorrow where maybe I'll be a bit more clear-headed.  Was anyone a centragenarian? Or what do you call someone who lives a hundred years, anyway?

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